Needle vs. Gun

Why You Should Pierce with Needles, Not a Gun

Body piercing has long been a form of self-expression, culture, and fashion. Whether it’s your first earlobe piercing or a more adventurous cartilage or septum piercing, the method you choose is crucial. Here’s why using needles is the superior choice over piercing guns.

Precision and Safety
Needles are designed explicitly for piercing, providing a high level of precision. A professional piercer uses a single-use, hollow needle that creates a clean, controlled hole. The sharpness and design of the needle ensure that the piercing process causes minimal tissue damage, promoting quicker and less painful healing.

In contrast, piercing guns use a spring-loaded mechanism to force a blunt stud through the tissue. This can cause significant trauma as the blunt end tears through the flesh, leading to bruising, swelling, and a longer healing process. Additionally, piercing guns are often made of plastic and can’t be fully sterilised, increasing the risk of infection.

Hygiene and Sterilisation
Sterilisation is paramount in any body modification procedure. Professional piercers follow stringent hygiene protocols, using autoclaves to sterilise needles and other equipment. Each needle is used only once and then safely discarded, eliminating any risk of cross-contamination.

Piercing guns, on the other hand, are often reused, and while the studs may come in sterile packaging, the gun itself cannot be properly sterilised between uses. This poses a significant risk of transmitting infections.

Comfort and Healing
Needle piercings are generally less painful and heal faster. The needle’s sharpness allows for a swift, clean puncture that minimises tissue damage. This precise method reduces complications such as scarring and keloids, promoting better healing.

In contrast, the blunt force trauma caused by a piercing gun can lead to prolonged soreness, excessive swelling, and complications like embedded earrings, which occur when the backing gets lodged in the tissue.

Expertise and Experience
Professional piercers are trained extensively in anatomy, hygiene, and aftercare. They can offer personalised advice and ensure the piercing is placed correctly, reducing the risk of complications. Gun operators, often found in mall kiosks, may lack the same level of training and expertise.

Choosing a needle over a gun for your piercing ensures a safer, more comfortable experience with better healing outcomes. Always opt for a professional piercer who uses needles to ensure your body modification is done with the utmost care and precision.